El nuevo libro de Lilvia Soto

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Mi nuevo libro



Por Lilvia Soto



Dear friends, 

 I’m writing with news about my new book, Lies of an Indispensable Nation: Poems About the American Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan (Atmosphere Press), which will be published on September 11th. I am grateful for all of you—for your interest and support over the years. I started writing the poems for this  book on 11 September 2002, on the first anniversary of 9/11, when, while the entire world was grieving with America, there were already rumors of plans to invade Iraq. I wrote the poems during the first 10 years of the invasion and only finished the essays after the U.S. military left Afghanistan a few hours before the deadline the Taliban had promised to enforce. This brings me to my reason for writing to you today: 

 I want to let you know that the book can be ordered now from most places where books are sold. You can order directly from your local bookstore, or from Barnes & NobleAmazon, and other online retailers. 

 Another way you can help is to review the book on Amazon, post a picture of the book on social media, or just tell others about the book! 

 Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! 


With gratitude,

Lilvia Soto



Lilvia, Soto: Lies of an Indispensable Nation, Poems About the American Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Atmosphere Press, Estados Unidos, 2022.





Lilvia Soto nació en Nuevo Casas Grandes, emigró a Estados Unidos a los 15 años, reside en Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tiene un doctorado en lengua y literatura hispánica de Stonybrook University en Long Island, Nueva York. Ha enseñado literatura y creación literaria en Harvard y en otras universidades norteamericanas. Fue cofundadora y directora de La Casa Latina: The University of Pennsylvania Center for Hispanic Excellence. Fue directora residente de un programa de estudios en el extranjero de las universidades Cornell, Michigan y Pennsylvania en Sevilla, España.

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